We can design glass to meet a large data base of properties. By completing the charts below, we are able to create a product that meets your specific needs. The first chart determines which property values are desired and are most important for your needs. As additional variables are included, it becomes more and more difficult to find a blend that meets the requirements. It is important to rank the properties that you are interested in. At times you may have a specific element that you either want or don’t want in the process. This requirement is captured in the second section. As you eliminate elements that can be used it decreases the options available to develop the best solution.

1. What properties do you want?

Property Rank Importance Desired Value
Refractive Index
Thermal Conductivity
Thermal Coefficient of Expansion
Melting point
Softening point
Annealling point
Dielectric Constant
Electrical Conductivity
Oxygen Permeability
Ion Mobility
Final Thickness of coating
Volume change at phase change

2. Is the use of the following elements acceptable?

Element Acceptable Comments
Group 1 Alkali Metals YesNo
Group 2 Alkali Earth Metals YesNo
Group 3-10 First transition groups YesNo
Group 11 Coin Metals YesNo
Group 13 Volatile Metals YesNo
Group 14 Carbon group YesNo
Group 15 Nitrogen group YesNo
Group 16 Oxygen group YesNo
Group 17 Halogens YesNo
Lanthanide Block YesNo
I don’t really care just make it work YesNo

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