Welcome to Desert Silicon, your personal formulator and manufacturer of Spin-On Glass. What is Spin-On Glass, or SOG for short, you ask? Spin-On Glass is a silicate based liquid compound that can be prepared doped or undoped. We also manufacture titanates and zincates. SOG is often applied to silicon wafers to produce thin films with different properties when baked and cured. This critical electronic material component is often used in the early stages of product development for semiconductor and electronic device manufacturers. Research and Development labs also make use of this material when developing new or improving existing manufactured products such as integrated circuits, solar cells, MEMS, and discrete components. As with any development or manufacturing process, quality and consistent materials is key. Here at Desert Silicon, we deliver both. With our dedicated and experienced team, Desert Silicon aims to meet your SOG needs with quality products, quick order turn-around, and innovative solutions. What solutions can Desert Silicon help you with today?

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